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high gloss polished travertine

high gloss polished travertine

high gloss polished travertine

Travertine Use and Care

Travertine is a calcite-based stone like marble, but it is even softer. It also can absorb moisture, scratch, stain and etch. Some types of travertine, which have a rugged, pitted finish, may not show wear as quickly as polished marble will, because the surface is already worn and not reflective. Polished and honed travertine will show wear more quickly.

Sweep and dust mop travertine regularly, keeping it as dry as possible and blotting up spills as soon as they are noticed. Wash the stone with a stone cleaner and clean water and seal it on a regular basis to help impede staining.

High gloss polished tile



  • Travertine is a calcium-based sedimentary stone. It is made of layers of mud deep inside hot springs that dried and hardened together. As the mud dried, water vapor escaping the stone left behind numerous channels or holes in the stone, which help to give travertine its unique look.
    Travertine is most often found in a honed, or flat finish with its holes filled in with epoxy, or in a natural, tumbled finish with its holes unfilled. Unfilled travertine must have its holes filled with grout during installation to help render it structurally sound. A few types of travertine, such as Travertine Navona and Silver Travertine can be found in polished varieties that mimic the look of polished marble.