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Do you need professional help getting pet urine smells out of your carpet?

When a pet urihouse hold odors_ozonenates on the carpet, it may look like a baseball size spot on the top of the carpet, but the area under the carpet, in the padding is more like the size of  a basketball because the urine has soaked through and absorbed into the padding. Pet urine in carpet padding must be treated by a professional carpet cleaning company, to be removed completely.  The best treatment for this is the Water Claw spot lifter. We treat the urine soaked area with an enzyme which needs to dwell for 15 to 30 minuets. Then we us the Water Claw to flush the urine out of the carpet and padding.  Watch through the clear acrylic top as contaminants are flushed up, out and away . The Water Claw (sometimes called the flood tool) is attached to the truck mount system, therefore is using the same high pressure and hot water that is used to steam clean the rest of the house. This process has fast become an industry standard for thoroughly removing contaminants deposited in the carpet backing and pad. This same process can be used for any large spill. After treating the spots we will then steam clean the whole room, just like with regular a carpet cleaning service. Here is a video showing the water claw in action. If you need help with pet urine in carpet give us a call at 3d Home Services for a professional quote.