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This one was a dirty job all right. The tenant trashed our clients rental property. He wanted us to try and clean it, so he could get one more rental out of it before replacing the carpet. The carpet was delaminating is some areas. Which means it was getting very thin, because the backing was deteriorating. When this happens you cant use as high of pressure on that area, or it can make the delaminated carpet worse. We did a test spot and it was a big improvement, however not perfect. So the home owner told us to go ahead and clean the carpets. Here are some pictures of how it turned out. Like I said, not perfect, but much better. Sometimes its our of out control when you have carpets that are this bad.

If you are looking for help with carpet restoration we can help. We always offer to come and bid the job in person and can do a test spot for you to help determine what can be done. Carpet Restoration is more expensive that regular maintenance steam cleaning. It takes about 3 times as long to do the job when the carpets are this dirty.

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