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Textured or Sculptured carpet is easy to take care of.

Textured Carpet looks great when vacuumed and doesn’t show a lot of foot prints. It steams cleans very well because of the short fibers of the carpet. The shorter the fiber the less area it has to collect dirt.

Textured or Sculptured carpet is a design of carpeting that is characterized by a mixture of high pile and low pile fibers arranged according to a specific configuration. There are several popular basic formulas for sculptured carpet, with the high-low loop and the cut-and-loop approaches being among the most enduring methods. Sculptured carpet is considered to be an excellent means of increasing the visual interest of the floor covering without the use of different colors to create a pattern.

Sculptured Carpet

Sculptured Carpet

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Sculptured carpet cleans up very well with professional steam cleaning.

There are a few misconceptions about sculptured carpet. One of the most common is that sculptured carpet is harder to keep clean and in good condition. Actually, there is no difference between cleaning carpets with an even pile and those with a high-low loop design. Because the durability of any carpet depends on the type of fibers used to create the floor covering and not the style, sculptured carpet will respond to the use of spot cleaners and as well as steam cleaning in the same manner as any carpet design.

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