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ozone for burnt food smellsHow can I get a burnt food smell out of my house?

3d Home Services has an Ozone Treatment Program. We place the Ozone Generator in the home to eliminate all kinds of odors. It eliminates odors such as cigarette smoke, pet urine, food smells, burnt smells and more.

There are lots of home remedies, tip and tricks on the internet to get rid of food odors in your house, but they don’t always work. It just depends on how severe the situation is. Sometimes you may need to call a professional if the home remedies don’t work.

Ozone cleaning will eliminate burnt food odors.

We have placed our Ozone generators in many homes over the past 7 years to get ride of odors for clients, such as burnt popcorn, burnt boiled eggs and more. The home must be vacant because the Ozone Generator takes oxygen molecules out of the air. So it will make you light headed, like being at a high altitude. So of course no pets can be at home either. We mostly use this in vacant rental homes, but we have had clients us it in their occupied residence. They just have to leave for a few days. Oen scenario we had was a lady who severely burned her popcorn in the microwave. She just couldn’t get rid of the smell. So after about a week she called us. We put the machine in her house over the weekend while she and her hubby went up to Flagstaff for a mini vacation. When she got back, the burnt popcorn smell was completely gone. Another situation we had, was a client who forgot about her boiling eggs on the stove. Well the water completely boiled out and the pan burned along with the eggs. It was pretty gross. So we did the same thing with her. She went and stayed at her daughters house for the weekend and put the Ozone Generator in her house for 48 hours and the smell was gone. So if you run into any of these smell problems, and are located in the Phoenix and surrounding areas, please give us a call to rent the Ozone Generator.