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Read the fine print. They charge extra for a truck mount system, per room.

Read the fine print. They charge extra for a truck mount system, per room.

Hire a professional carpet cleaner. Don’t get duped by discount coupons offering $5 – $15 dollars a room cleaned. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

In this ad above, notice they charge $19.99 per room for truck mount. Well if they aren’t using a truck mount then how are they going to clean the carpets. So the ad states $4.95 per room, plus $19.99 to use a truck mount, and lets say you opt for the preconditioning at .25 cents per sq foot and the average room size is 12 by 12 foot, you are looking at $60.94 per room with a minimum of 2 rooms so $121.88 would be your final bill for 2 rooms of carpet. Not to mention they might add extra for traffic lanes or spots. That doesn’t seem like such a good deal, now does it.

These kind of companies always charge add on’s for everything. Such as extra for pre-conditioning spray, at about 25 – 30 cents a square foot, or they don’t use pre-spray at all which greatly reduces the ability to remove dirt and grim, leaving your carpet dirty. Then they will charge extra to treat spots that don’t come out. And those spots would probably have come out had they used pre-spray in the first place. They might charge extra for traffic lanes.

Many of these companies also have problems with spots and traffic lanes reappearing, which is called wicking, which means as the carpet dries the soil under the carpet wick back to the top of the carpet. In order to eliminate wicking problems carpet cleaners should always use a pre-conditioning spray to break up the dirt.

So watch out for false advertising for carpet cleaners. These guys are the ones who give carpet cleaners a bad name.