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3d Home Services offers professional tile and grout cleaning services for ceramic tile and natural stone. We use a pre-spray treatment over the tile and grout which loosens up grease, grime and dirt. We then scrub the grout lines with a brush. Especially in the high traffic areas. Sometimes the tiles need to be scrubbed too if they are not smooth tiles. The dirt settles into the dips and crevices in the tiles.

We  use a truck mount steam cleaning system with the SX-12 spinning head. It has jets that blast steaming hot water over the grout and tile. Depending kitchen tile before and afteron traffic in your home, you should have your tile and grout steam cleaned every 12 to 18 months. If you have pets and children you will probably need it once a year.

How to keep your tile clean:

Vacuuming your tile with a Eureka Might Boss once a week and then moping with a damp mop will help keep your tile clean. Never us a vacuum with a beater bar on the tile though. Also place a door mat at the entry ways to collect loose dirt from your shoes before tracking it into your home.

Give us a call for an estimate on ceramic tile and grout cleaning.

For maintaining your clean tile after it is professionally cleaned we suggest mopping with Basic H 1 to times a week.