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carpet restorationCarpet restoration is the treatment of heavy soiled carpets. We see this a lot in rental properties, because  some times tenants don’t take care of the carpets as if it were their own home. Landlords will often ask us to do a carpet restoration to get them by for a couple more rentals, instead of paying the high cost of replacing the carpets throughout the home after every tenant. It does take a lot more time to complete this process, because we have to saturate the carpet with a several different pretreatments. Dwell time is key to an effective outcome, so we have to let the pretreatment chemicals sit for up to 30 minutes. We then use the Rotovac 360 attached to the high pressure truck mount system. The Rotovac has 3 spinning jets that agitate the carpet while spraying it from all directions with hot steamy water. In most cases we go over all the carpet again with the regular wand. Dry time for carpet restoration is much longer than regular carpet cleaning because we have really saturated the carpet with the chemicals and water. So it can take up to 6 or 8 hours to dry. This also depends on weather conditions.