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Nylon carpet is the easiest to clean. This is why you almost always see nylon carpet in high traffic areas. In most cases you will be able to keep it clean with just a good vacuuming and an occasional professional steam cleaning. Nylon is also pretty good at standing up to stains. Its not the best choice however, for an area where there can be a lot of moisture, such as the bathroom, near the bath tub, shower or sinks.

In areas where water is present like the bathroom you will probably want to go with a different material like olefin or polyester. These are both much more resistant to water than nylon however they are not all that easy to clean. The challenge is that when you do clean these types of carpets they have a tendency to wick the dirt to the surface. That means that after you clean the carpet as it drys more dirt will come to the surface. This can require a second cleaning.

The other big thing that will affect how easy it is to clean your carpet will be the loop pile. This is what determines how plush a carpet is. All carpets are made with loops however in most cases these loops are cut which makes the carpet a lot easier to clean. The ones with closed loops are very plush and very soft but they are a real hassle to clean. Therefore in most areas where you get a lot of traffic you are going to want to go with a cut loop carpet.

Obviously how easy the carpet is to clean is just one of the many decisions that you have to make today, a lot of people even buy carpet based on how eco-friendly it is. There is a huge variation in carpet flooring prices and for most people the cost will be the biggest factor in the carpet they choose. The good news is that the carpets that are easy to clean also tend to be at the lower end of the price spectrum. You are also going to need to think about things like how the carpet looks and feels. If you want a really plush wool carpet there is really no reason to be afraid to buy one just because it can be a bit more difficult to clean.

Whatever your choice may be, you will need to protect your investment with annual professional steam cleaning. We are the experts in the Surprise Arizona and surrounding cities. Please give 3d Home Services a call for an estimate. 602-403-6893