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We offer a rental service program with our Ozone Machine. If you are a property manager, or just looking to sell a home and have an odor problem in the house, we can help eliminate the odor.

You must take the proper steps however. The Ozone is the Final Step. You need to have the home cleaned, carpet and maybe tile steam cleaned. Because you have to  Stop the source of the problem.

Ozone generators are not magic boxes that take the place of normal cleaning efforts. The only way to stop an odor permanently is if you remove the source of the odor itself. The pet urine or the cigarette smoke. In most cases ozone generators are just one of the final steps of the overall cleaning process. For example a musty basement will only be permanently free of mold-scent if the moisture that is causing the odor is effectively eliminated. All odors are caused by different sources and in each project it is important to stop the source of the odor before using the ozone generator if you want to permanently remediate the problem. This may include removing debris & garbage, cleaning & scrubbing walls, floors, windows, countertops, and all surface areas within the space. For serious problems such as water damage stopping the source may require extensive effort such as removing damaged drywall and carpet. Consult with a professional if the source of your odor is beyond your capability to eliminate it.