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Tile & Grout Cleaning & Restoration

The Hydro-Force cleaning tool has 2 spinning jets that spray water and chemical solutions at 900-1200 PSI to remove stains and ground in dirt. Because the jets rotate within the chamber, the pores of the tile are bombarded with steaming water from all directions. The water and chemical solution is instantly extracted from the floor using a powerful truck mounted extractor, leaving stains no time to resettle into the pores of the tile.

How often should I get my ceramic tile and grout cleaned?

3d Home Services advises that you get your tile and grout professionally steam cleaned once every 12-18 months, depending on the traffic in your house. When you mop your floors the cleaning agent can leave a sticky residue in the grout line and this attracts dirt and grease. Mopping your floor will never get it 100 percent clean like steam cleaning will. We spray the tile and grout with a commercial grade cleaning solution, scrub the grout lines with a brush and then steam clean the tile. The average home takes about 2 – 3 hours to complete a tile and grout steam cleaning service.

  • 3d Home Services grout and tile cleaning can bring your tile and grout back to looking new
  • Our process cleans and sanitizes, removing grease, bacteria and build-up on the tile as well as in the grout.
  • A sealer does not make grout stain proof. It does inhibit penetration of substances that may stain the grout.
  • Liquids will bead up on the grout if it is sealed.
  • Grout that has been sealed still needs to be professionally steam cleaned.
  • Over time, harsh cleaners can destroy the sealant making it necessary to re-apply the sealer periodically.
  • We advise using a mild cleaner such as Basic H by Shaklee
  • Mop and Glow is a wax based cleaner and will build up on the tile and in the grout.
  • Never use Vinegar to clean natural stone tile. It is acidic and can strip sealer and etch your tile.

We also do Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning Jobs

  • 3d Home Services offers competitive pricing for commercial tile and grout cleaning services for the Phoenix area including Surprise and Sun City.
  • Give your customers a clean and comfortable environment.
  • Dirty floors will give your customers a bad impression.
  • Steam cleaning public restrooms is crucial for eliminating bacteria.
  • Professionally sanitizing and disinfecting the tile on the walls is just as important as the floor.
  • In high traffic areas mopping just will not be enough.

YOU GUYS ROCK! Yet another fantastic job done by Del and Demi for one of my clients. I was at the home today and the carpet and grout looks FANTASTIC!! My client is very happy.

M. Viso

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